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28 July 2016

The first-ever ReddArts Festival was an outstanding success. The three Reddford Gauteng-based schools, Northcliff, The Hills and Blue Hills presented skilled teams which competed against one another in a tough quiz as well as by each staging an imaginative short drama production. The subject of the 2016 production was "Shoes" and students put on their respective thinking caps to produce innovative interpretations of this broad ranging theme.

Reddford Northcliff won both the quiz and the Best Production and were presented with a trophy and certificate. They credited their drama coach Miss Reeks who trained our students to perform like true stars.

Reddford House not only provides students with an excellent academic education but also exposes them to the enriching world of the Arts, offering a vibrant Music, Dance and Drama programme. Students can choose to participate in the Instrumental Music programme; Ballet and Contemporary Dance classes; a Visual Arts programme including a multitude of mediums; and the opportunity to perform in dramatic and musical productions.





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